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The Main Sequence images were used as the Ruxcon 2012 CTF challenge. They covered a variety of situations such as

  • Penetration tool usage - such as Metasploit and SQLmap
  • Binary analysis and reverse engineering
  • Basic cryptographic analysis
  • Packet capture analysis
  • Client side Windows exploitation
  • Linux exploitation and privilege escalation
  • Network protocol implementation / experimentation
  • Web site hacking
  • Password cracking

Story line

You can read the story line behind Main Sequence and the Ruxcon 2012 CTF challenges here.

I would appreciate feedback / thoughts on story lines being involved, if you dislike it / like it, what types of stories you like, and so fourth.

Available Virtual Machines

The sidebar specifies the virtual machines distributed with Main Sequence, and what they cover indepth.


Some parts of Main Sequence needs to be set up in order to work as expected. Please see the setup instructions.