Story line

For the story line for these levels, please see the story line page.


Install the eventmachine and sinatra gems via "gem install eventmachine" and "gem install sinatra" respectively.

Run the selfish-dragonfly.rb file via "ruby selfish-dragonfly.rb" and wild-jellyfish.rb by "ruby wild-jellyfish.rb -p 20001".

You'll need to make a directory called /etc/levels and generate tokens for them by using

uuidgen > /etc/levels/selfish-dragonfly.token
uuidgen > /etc/levels/wild-jellyfish.token
echo "$RANDOM:$RANDOM" > /etc/levels/wild-jellyfish.creds

Selfish Dragonfly

Send a request for /token in reverse HTTP syntax.

Wild Jellyfish

Authentication timing attack